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Akashi Corporation

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Akashi Corporation

About Akashi Corporation

Since its founding in 2004, Akashi Corporation has continued its business with the desire to contribute to everyone's healthy and bright life as a partner.

Focusing on functional food raw materials, we will continue to make further efforts with the motto of quickly providing better domestic and foreign ingredients to customers in Japan and overseas.

Our Mission and Strengths

We are a company specializing in sales of raw materials for health foods.

Our experienced staff will propose raw materials suitable for the product concept that the customer envisions, and support the realization of the developed product.

  1. ▶ Procurement and research capabilities (wide range of information sources and purchasing routes in Japan and overseas)
  2. ▶ Footwork (speed, small lot handling, courteous support)
  3. ▶ Originality (development of proprietary materials)
  4. ▶ Trends (Introducing hot materials as soon as possible)
  5. ▶ Stable supply (inventory sales)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about raw materials for health foods.